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04 June 2010 @ 12:31 pm
Heavy Rain for the PS3 is an awesome game. That is all.
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25 April 2010 @ 11:30 am
Hi guys,

I haven't been up to much. These are the only new updates in my life:

-I've been spending most of my time drowning in my master's paper. I will not speak of it further in this post in order to protect my sanity.

-My graduation festivities are coming up on May 22 & May 23. Sorry guys I'll e-mail you with the details soon. I'd be very happy if you could come.

-I have a new boyfriend, Tony, that some of you have met. I've been dating him for a few months. I really like him a lot.

-I'm in the process of terminating with my current clients since my internship is ending soon. :(

-Starting September I will be at RAMS for an internship at the outpatient clinic. I am very, very fortunate and happy about it. Ling actually works here as an HR assistant which means I'll get to bug her every week day :D. It's part-time so I'm going to be searching for a part-time job soon.

-I beat FFXIII about an hour ago. This is my overall strategy for the final boss:

Start with com/syn/syn (Tony discovered this paradigm's usefulness)
Rav/rav/rav to build stagger bar (use Army of One when stagger bar is half full or higher)
Com/rav/med for moderate healing
Med/syn/med for O SNAP I'M DYING healing
Com/com/rav for beatdown after you stagger the boss

The ending got me pretty emotional.
My next post will be a thorough discussion of FFXIII. My overall opinion: I LOVE THIS GAME! It is FAR from perfect and has many flaws, particularly in its poor pacing. But the gameplay is the best I have played in any FF other than Tactics, and the characters are my favorite batch from any RPG I have played. It's not my favorite FF but I like it about as much as FFVII or FFX. More later, though.

Thanks for reading this far if anybody has. <3 you guys.
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15 March 2010 @ 11:03 am

I've been playing FFXIII. Haha, not that you would expect otherwise from me.

It's fun!

It's not perfect. I really miss exploring and wish there was more here. It's not just towns I miss exploring, either. So far the dungeons have been too straight forward for me. They're basically a linear path with several closed paths for items. I really miss searching for secrets and even doing some puzzles to get through my forests and caverns and shiet. Also I miss having an overworld.

I'm only on Chapter 7 so things might be different later.

I'm enjoying the story and characters a lot too. Aaron thinks I'm like Vanille which I assume from his perspective is not a good thing haha. Sahz is my favorite so far, even without the baby chocobo. (The baby chocobo is AWESOME, however.) Also, in my opinion, this is a great RPG for players who like interesting, strong female characters and a big female presence in the storyline.

The battles are very fun, too! The battle system reminds me of a mix of FF X-2 and FF12 which might not sound good on paper but in execution, it's a lot of fun. I like that there's a rating system that encourages you to finish battles quickly in order to receive items to upgrade your weapons.

Speaking of which... I don't like this weapon upgrade system (but I never like them in RPGs haha). I cringe when I get new weapons because I've already upgraded my old ones.. and I don't know how to compare them. I'm trying not to use a guide.

Also playing as a Sentinel SUCKS! It's so boring. Maybe I should be reading a newspaper while I'm doing my endless cycle of Provoke->Steelguard, and while my little friend tosses out Thunders.

Anyway overall I can't give a review yet, since I'm (relatively) in the beginning still. I'm enjoying a lot though. More to come later!
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08 March 2010 @ 12:10 pm
If I can finish my master's paper to turn in on Wednesday, I can drop by Gamestop after class in my zombie-like state and pick up Final Fantasy XIII.

This is all that I am thinking of in this moment
22 December 2009 @ 07:57 pm
Hi! I'm in So Cal. I've been sick, but it's been great to be with my family again.

Anyway, I brought the Wii home and have been playing Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (a WiiWare game) with my sister. It's the sequel to the classic FFIV on the SNES. By the way, can I just rave for a minute about how awesome the original FFIV is? I actually started the FF series with FFVI, and never got around to playing FFIV until I borrowed my sister's copy of the GBA remake very recently--- this was after I played FF12. So to be honest, I was worried that although I'd appreciate the classic archetypes of FFIV, I wouldn't enjoy it as much as people who played it when it came out. I was wrong!! That game is sooo good. I found myself attached to the story, characters, and certainly the great music.

Ok, rave over. The sequel is almost 20 years into the future. The game itself is divided into a main story along with individual, downloadable episodes led by different characters from the original FFIV cast. My sis and I are playing Rydia's story because she's my sister's favorite. It's fun! The graphics are like the GBA remake, very cute and colorful, and the music is remixed from the original game's score, which is AWESOME and makes me nostalgic for a game I played like a year ago. Haha. We haven't gotten very far but it seems to have a big emphasis on story, too. The gameplay is just like the first game, except you can now do some team attacks, and depending on the phase of the moon your attacks grow stronger or weaker. The battles are just as frequent as the original, too... sigh (but that also means you level up quickly).

Anyway that's my review so far. It's super coo.
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12 December 2009 @ 08:44 am
I saw The Princess and the Frog on opening night and I loved it!! I don't really know what else to say about it except that it's my second favorite Disney movie, after Beauty and the Beast. I can't objectively judge its quality compared to the other movies, but I just... really really loved it. :)
01 December 2009 @ 01:53 pm
7692 6124 5555 2063 is me!

Got a Wii! Do any of you use it? What is your Wii code, so I can add you?

We've got New Super Mario Bros., Wii Sports, & EA Sports Active More Workouts. What else should we get?
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08 November 2009 @ 11:55 am
Nothing exciting is going on in my life as usual, but I'm overall pretty happy with how things are going:

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31 July 2009 @ 10:12 pm
Don't you hate it when you never hear a good song on the radio throughout your entire 3 hour drive, until that awesome old song from your childhood pops up RIGHT before you finally get home? 
26 July 2009 @ 09:07 pm
I went to Comic-Con for the first time. I only one day (Friday). It was fun! I was amazed not only at how many people were there, but how much downtown San Diego had to adjust their parking and bus schedules just to accommodate all the Comic-Con attendees. I really loved the energy and atmosphere there. Maybe it's because there were so many fans of such diverse fandoms.

The only camera I had was my phone, and I only took a few pictures because I figured the quality would be very poor. After uploading them, though, I was surprised to see they turned out well. They're on Facebook but I'll post them here too:

I should have taken more!Collapse )I didn't do anything spectacular, actually. I didn't attend any panels since the ones I were interested in either had already passed by the time my Amtrak arrived, or were scheduled on different days. I didn't meet any celebrities, just saw Stan Lee from afar as huge crowds gathered around him. My main aim for Comic-Con was just to get the autograph of my favorite comic book writer, Greg Rucka. Heh I didn't even get Adam West's (although I wanted to, since he is awesome, I didn't feel like wading in the crowd with my heels on.. should have gotten more comfortable shoes). I just wanted Rucka's. He's not even particularly famous, but he is my favorite.

I even did the dorky thing and cosplayed as one of the characters he's written considerable amount of work for: Elektra. He didn't create her, but I LOVED his run on her title and the layers of complexity he added to her character. Elektra was a fun and easy character for me to cosplay at the last minute. I found a base for her dress, hand-sewed the sleeve on and added the sashes and hat. The sai were by far the best part of the costume, though. They were pieces of wood attached together by Vincent, and then painted metallic gray by me. Then I added black ribbon for the handles. I didn't take any pictures of myself, though I should have taken pictures of the sai (the paint has started to crack now).

Anyway, when Rucka called me Elektra I was so happy! I told him his autograph was the only one I was getting today, and that he's my favorite comic book writer because in my opinion, nobody writes female characters as well as he does. He signed my hardcover trade of Gotham Central vol. 1, the one with the "Half a Life" story arc that won him multiple awards including the Eisner.

Right now he writes for Batman Detective comics, starring Batwoman (didn't know there was one, did you?) along with the amazing artist J. H. Williams III. You've probably seen me rave about it on FB or Twitter, because the first issue blew me away and I'm excited for the second, which comes out this Wednesday. Woot.

Anyway, sorry for the fangirling. Being in the Elektra costume was fun. Although she's not mainstream enough to be recognized by everyone, a lot of her fans were very happy to see her and were really sweet to me. I also liked when people tried to move past me and said "Excuse me Elektra- sorry- don't hurt me!" I love the geekiness of conventions, haha.

I also saw some cool demos of games I really really want to get:

Turtles in Time 3d remake for the 360 (OH HELL YEAH.. AWESOME MEMORIES PLAYING THIS WITH MY SIS)
Final Fantasy XIII (just trailer, sadly)
Batman Arkham Asylum
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (because nothing beats good coop multiplayer rpgs in my book)
Ace Attorney: Perfect Prosecutor or whatever the Edgeworth game is called (sorry I'm too lazy to Google it haha)

These games complicate my current dillemma of which console to get...

As for spoils: I bought a Soul Eater shinigami necklace for Vincent. I lost a raffle (not sure why I thought I had a chance of winning it anyway, haha) to get the prototype for a Rogue figure which would have been worth about $5000! I'm still getting the normal figure for my sister when it is released. I also splurged on a Final Fantasy 7 official white materia pendant. It was so pretty and I was just too excited, so my greedy side won and bought it. Haha. I'm wearing it all the time now and replaced the chain with a sterling silver one I got at the mall today.

Next year I hope to attend more days, go to panels, get more autographs, and ideally go with my sister.